I heard a speaker this week teach that “perhaps the renewal you are looking for is in the remix.” As I pursue this path of truth and change for myself nothing around me feels normal anymore. Everything is in flux around me. This “messy middle” and “recalibration” is so hard but I keep telling myself that I am worth it... over and over and over again. Even right now realizing I am done for the day emotionally and physically- saying early good nights, checking this app for my community, being ok needing space alone, and loving myself enough to stop for the day. Small things but huge victories for a girl that isn’t used to being in connection with her emotions or body! Seeing little bits of my true self evolve back into life after so many years of being gone. Still hoping for more renewal in this crazy remix!!! Wishing y’all the same and sending much love ☺️

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Erin C.
over 1 year

thank you! very relatable and I feel like Im isolating myself but then I am reminded of the community thst is in the same struggles it is very helpful 💜

over 1 year

"renewel is in the remix"🧡❤I love this and your mantra that you are worth it! I love, love, love seeing your unfolding, you coming back into life! So many victories! Thank you for showing up and sharing❤🙏🧡

over 1 year

I very much can relate to this. Thank you for the reminder that it’s ok to take the time I need to refuel. I’m not very good at that and am usually on total burnout mode daily.

over 1 year

Change can feel all about facing our fears, no matter the change, internal or external. Which can dislodge everything we thought to be true. And as we recalibrate or thoughts and actions, remember you are not alone, take time out of your day for something you enjoy and have gratitude for at least one thing around you. Thanks for checking in and showing up for us all. 🙏❤️💜💙