Hi! My name is Thea and I want to do all the things all the time! When life happens and I am unable to do everything (and do it perfectly) I don’t do anything and then beat myself up for failing. This weekend I finally saw that doing a couple things consistently is better than doing all the things in short bursts. I will always want to do all the things but now I’m giving myself permission to have days where I can do one thing and that be enough. Excited for this change in my perspective! Sending you all light and love this beautiful Sunday! 💗

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over 1 year


over 1 year

Sweet Thea ❤ LOVED seeing this click with you this weekend, a game changer for sure. love, love, love!

over 1 year

Oh Thearee!! We love you for all the things your are and more!! ❤️💜💙

over 1 year

Love it! And love you! ❤