Happy Summer Solstice to you all! We are stepping into a time of renewed energy, fire and passion with the Summer season. This is a time to evaluate what you are ready to change and start the process to reform those behaviors... Lots of opportunities to do this on the app and with the support of the community.

New Content:
We posted a new talk in the Being Human folder on Needs Shame - take a listen and see if it resonates or helps you get a little more clear on your own needs, which for a lot of us can be somewhat murky.

Also - July 6th at 7am will be our first Livestream on the app. You are welcome to join us live as we do yoga and a guided meditation. We hope to see you there!

Oceans of Love-

Stacie and Stacy

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over 1 year

thank you, your posy is great, my kids and l have all wished each other a blessed summer solstice, but no one else in my life would get it. I now l have all of you. I feel blessed. A blessed summer to you all. Happy Solstice

over 1 year

I’m so excited for the live stream! Marking my calendar! :)